VetMatch Volunteer Terms & Conditions

Volunteer Registration

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Under VetMatch, VBB places its volunteers with projects operated by VBB-registered Partner Organisations: groups that have undergone thorough assessment by VBB, in terms of their activities, staffing, facilities, volunteer support and security.

Whilst it is necessary to hold current VBB membership prior to applying to register as a VBB volunteer, VBB membership is neither a contract nor a guarantee that an application to register as a VBB volunteer will be approved.

VBB has strict requirements for volunteer registration, to ensure the integrity, efficiency and viability of its programs and the welfare of animals cared for by its volunteer community. Registered VBB volunteers must maintain current VBB membership if they wish to retain eligibility for placements under VBB programs.
The wellbeing of volunteers is a VBB priority at all stages of the volunteering process; however VBB is not liable or responsible for outcomes or consequences of applying to register as a VBB volunteer, the screening and volunteer registration process, or prior to, during or subsequent to placement of volunteers. VBB Volunteers are at all times responsible for their personal safety, actions and behaviour.

VBB is not liable for any costs incurred by volunteers prior to, during or subsequent to their volunteer placements, including any travel expenses.

VBB has established strict procedures and protocols to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, the security and safety of volunteers whilst on placements. In the event that natural disaster or any other act impacts on volunteers’ travel to or from placements or the period of the placements, volunteers will receive as much support from VBB staff and its agents as is reasonably possible. However, VBB accepts no responsibility or liability for the safety or security of volunteers.

Prior to confirming a placement, volunteers are required to enter into an agreement binding them to VBB’s Terms and Conditions while participating in any program or activity affiliated, managed or administered by Vets Beyond Borders. We may revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time by updating this posting. Revised Terms take effect from the time of posting.


Responsibilities of Vets Beyond Borders

  1. To make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the qualifications and suitability of volunteers and the status of Partner Organisations are appraised as accurately as possible.
  2. To make all reasonable efforts to match the VBB volunteer with an appropriate project. VBB endeavours to provide the volunteer with a short-list of projects from which the volunteer may select a preferred placement. Although VBB may make other recommendations where appropriate or where a match is not made, it cannot be held responsible for outcomes.
  3. To introduce the volunteer to the nominated representative of the selected Partner Organisation, following placement selection.
  4. In the event of violation of these Terms and Conditions, VBB may advise on resolution options; however its role is not one of mediator,
  5. To maintain communication with Partner Organisations, to ensure accuracy of information held on Partner Organisations and their projects.


Responsibilities of Partner Organisations

  1. To provide accurate and complete information to VBB and VBB volunteers.
  2. To adhere to all undertakings and responsibilities applicable to VBB Partner Organisations.
  3. To provide VBB with regular updates on its activities and advise VBB of any changes to its operations or local conditions which may affect its ability to support current or future volunteers.
  4. To communicate with volunteers following placement selection, to assist volunteers in making the necessary arrangements for their placements.
  5. To provide all possible support and assistance to volunteers prior to and during placements.
  6. To provide feedback to VBB on volunteer performance and the VetMatch process.


Volunteer Declaration

Thank you for registering as a VBB volunteer and expressing an interest in a volunteer placement with VetMatch.

The following declaration lists VBB’s Terms & Conditions which detail what is expected of you prior to, during and following your placement. Please read this document carefully.

In agreement of the Terms & Conditions, please sign, date and return this declaration, to be received by VBB no less than 21 days prior to your scheduled departure to the location of your placement. VBB cannot finalise your placement unless it has received this completed declaration.

VBB urges its volunteers to take all appropriate action on their own behalf to ensure that they enjoy a safe, healthy and memorable experience.



As a VBB volunteer, I understand, acknowledge and agree to the following Terms & Conditions, which apply prior to, during and subsequent to any volunteer placement that I accept.

  1. I confirm that I am a current financial member of VBB and agree to abide by relevant requirements under the VBB Constitution and the requirements of any VBB Partner Organisation with which I will be involved.
  2. I will ensure that I hold a passport valid for no less than 6 months after the date of my arrival in the country in which I am to volunteer, unless I am a resident of that country.
  3. I accept full responsibility for obtaining any visas and permits required to enter and remain, for the duration of my placement, in the country in which I am to volunteer, and all associated costs.
  4. I acknowledge that I am responsible for all costs related to my placement, including, but not limited, to accommodation and travel expenses to and from the location of my placement.
  5. I accept full responsibility for arranging my own travel, medical and medical-evacuation insurance prior to my arrival in the country of my placement, including cover against insurable risks associated with work or interaction with animals and/or wildlife, for the duration of my placement.
  6. I agree to provide VBB with a certified copy of the Terms & Conditions of my travel, medical and medical evacuation insurance prior to commencing travel to my placement.
  7. I understand the risk of contracting malaria and other infectious diseases in some countries and accept that it is my responsibility to consult a qualified medical practitioner regarding the need for appropriate vaccinations and other medications prior to and during my placement.
  8. I agree to have all necessary vaccinations, as recommended by a qualified medical practitioner, including the complete series of pre-exposure rabies vaccinations, and to provide VBB with documented confirmation of this, before commencing my placement. Alternatively, I agree to provide VBB with documented confirmation of my existing immunity (appropriate titre) against rabies, before commencing my placement.
  9. I agree to take advice from appropriate Consular, Embassy, or High Commission staff and appropriate local personnel as dictated by the security situation in the country of my placement. Australian volunteers are asked to register at Volunteers from other countries should register with their relevant government agency.
  10. I understand that I will receive no payment for work done during my placement and that I am not an employee or representative of VBB or any VBB Partner Organisation involved in my placement.
  11. I undertake to work constructively alongside local staff and any other volunteers, and comply with all reasonable instructions and requests. I acknowledge that failure to do so may result in me being asked to terminate my placement.
  12. I agree that VBB may access, use, or give others permission to use, any images taken by me or of me while working in my capacity as a VBB volunteer, without attribution or compensation.
  13. I make no claim of ownership in relation to any images, media, text and other materials of intellectual or other property that are deemed to belong to VBB and I agree that I may use all such materials only for purposes approved or directed by VBB and that I must store and handle all such materials securely at all times. I will notify VBB immediately if I become aware, or suspect, any such materials being displaced, lost, stolen or destroyed.
  14. I agree that I will not use my position as a VBB volunteer to seek advantage or favour, including financial or sexual favour or to obtain material gifts.
  15. For the duration of my placement, I agree to avoid making reference to local political or military matters in official or private communications, including conversations, telephone calls, radio messages, emails, faxes and letters.
  16. I agree to pay due respect to the religious beliefs, customs, traditions and habits of the local population and to conduct myself appropriately at all times.
  17. I agree to strictly observe all local laws and regulations during my placement.
  18. I agree not to make any private or public representation of, or on behalf of, VBB or its programs, or make any comment or provide any material to any newspaper or other media outlet, without written permission of the VBB CEO or the Chair of the VBB board.
  19. I agree to fully acquaint myself with all necessary protocols in relation to work undertaken during my placement, including the use of any equipment.
  20. I undertake to notify VBB without delay, should I have concerns regarding workplace safety during my placement.
  21. I understand that I have an obligation to make all reasonable efforts ensure my own health and safety, and the health and safety of others, and I agree to comply with all reasonable instructions from VBB during my placement.
  22. I agree to take all reasonable steps to adhere to VBB policies and procedures during my placement.
  23. I agree not to invite or arrange for any unauthorised person to enter the site of my placement without the prior approval of VBB and the relevant VBB Partner Organisation.
  24. I acknowledge that I am not legally entitled to commit VBB financially or otherwise, without the specific written authority of VBB.
  25. I acknowledge that any information, in written, verbal or any other form and whether or not marked as ‘confidential’, obtained by me from or in relation to VBB with respect to my placement, including without limitation, personal information (as defined by applicable privacy legislation), is private and I agree to keep all such information strictly confidential unless VBB authorises me in writing to disclose that information.
  26. I agree to hold VBB indemnified, free and harmless against any claim, loss or damage arising now or in the future from any act, negligence or omission by me in preparation for or during my placement, or in connection with any work related to VBB or any VBB Partner Organisation.
  27. I agree to fully accept the risks associated with work which I will be undertaking during my placement, and release VBB and hold VBB indemnified, free and harmless from any claim, loss or damage occurring to myself or my possessions whilst undertaking my placement.
  28. I acknowledge that I may or may not be permitted to be accompanied by family member(s) or companion(s) during my placement and that VBB and the relevant VBB Partner Organisation, if applicable, will determine whether this is possible.
  29. I accept that any person permitted to accompany me on my placement is also bound by these Terms & Conditions.
  30. I agree to complete and return the VBB volunteer feedback form as soon as possible following completion of my placement. Please contact to receive a copy of this form.
  31. I agree to comply unconditionally with the Terms & Conditions detailed in this document.

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