Veterinarian volunteer Spotlight: Dr Ethan

Veterinarian volunteer Spotlight: Dr Ethan



Veterinary professionals are drawn to volunteering with VBB for many compelling reasons. For Dr Ethan, a veterinarian in a non-clinical full-time role, #volunteering with Animal Welfare League NSW via VBB is a way of keeping his valuable clinical skills current, whilst providing a vital service to animals in need

Another unexpected benefit derived from volunteer work is a better perspective on the veterinary industry as a whole. “Current clinical knowledge can be helpful when speaking to other veterinary professionals as part of my job” explains Dr Ethan, whose full-time role is as a Technical Product Specialist for a veterinary wholesaler.

Dr Ethan recommends engaging in volunteer work to any #veterinarians in clinical or non-clinical roles. “I was pretty nervous before starting, kind of like a “first day of work” scenario: admits Dr Ethan. “But everyone has been so welcoming, and the community is great, so now I am not quite sure what I was nervous about!”

Are you an industry veterinarian looking to reconnect with the clinician within? Keeping your hard-earned clinical skills current helps diversify your future career opportunities in the exciting and varied profession that is veterinary medicine. Consider volunteering with VBB in one of our projects helping animals around Australia. You may choose to participate on occasional days or for a week or more at a stretch.

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