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Australia is regularly subjected to natural disasters in the form of bushfires, floods, droughts, and extreme weather conditions, which lead to considerable hardship in affected communities. These unfortunate events place a huge strain on resources to assist not only the human population – but also pets, livestock and wildlife.

Working with state and territory emergency response officials and our registered Partner Organisations, AVERT is a nationwide database ready to be activated following natural disasters or emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreaks in Australia.

Upon activation of AVERT, we contact the appropriately skilled (and located) individuals from our database to generate a shortlist of available volunteers ready to deploy. Due to the high-volume of requests and situation-specific needs of the emergency, it is not guaranteed that you will be contacted in each AVERT activation.

We ask that you keep your AVERT registration details up-to-date to ensure the efficient use of the database during an emergency.

A nationwide database of experienced vets and vet nurses

Established in 2015

Veterinarians and vet nurses  willing to join AVERT are asked to register with VBB. Information collected includes qualifications, specific expertise, training courses undertaken and previous experience in natural disasters or EAD outbreaks.

All information is stored on the secure AVERT database and managed by VBB only. Your confidentiality is paramount. Information from the database will only be released to State or Territory Emergency Officials on request in emergency situations in Australia, and will not be used for any other purpose. For further information, please refer to the VBB Privacy Policy on our website.

At the time of deployment, all volunteers must be a financially registered volunteer with VBB to ensure they are covered by our volunteer insurance policies.

A nationwide database of experienced vets and vet nurses

Our partners in emergencies

In an emergency AVERT volunteers may be supporting one of the following agencies

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