Partner Spotlight: WECare Worldwide, Sri Lanka

Partner Spotlight: WeCare WorldWide, Sri Lanka

We’re spotlighting our Sri Lankan based partner WECare Worldwide (WCW). Amidst the pandemic, the WCW team had to reduced their staff by 50%, despite no reduction in patient intakes.

The small team managed to perform 200 desexings, 837 vaccinations, and cared for 830 inpatients in their hospital since January last year, despite the many challenges and limitations. An incredible effort by a dedicated team, led by Founder and Head Veterinarian – Dr Janey Lowes.

Between March and June 2020, Sri Lanka was on complete lockdown and many street dogs were left without a food source. Thankfully, WCW were granted permits by the local police, and the team were able to implement a mass dog feeding program until the lockdown was lifted.

VBB thanks our partners around the world like WCW for their unwavering efforts, and working toward a world of better health for animals and people. Stay tuned for more Partner Spotlights from our international partners across 12 countries.

Experienced veterinarians may browse an available career opportunity with WCW through their website:

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