Our Team

Sylvana Wenderhold

Volunteer Coordinator

Sylvana is a staunch, lifelong advocate for animal welfare and has been instrumental in initiating industry leading programs. She founded the National Desexing Network in 2004 and National Desexing Month in 2005. That year she also cofounded the Getting to Zero Summits. These bi-annual events have been great change agents, shifting traditional beliefs about animal sheltering and animal overpopulation towards a more progressive, solution based approach. She is also passionate about the welfare of greyhounds.

While completing her degree in Public Relations (specialising in non profit organisations) at Florida International University, Sylvana worked in a mobile desexing clinic. The hands on experience that this job provided would prove advantageous later in her career. Since moving to Australia in 2001, she has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Animal Welfare League of Queensland and was president for many years. 

In recent years, Sylvana has focussed her time setting up and coordinating a veterinary program in the Torres Straights – a region without access to veterinary assistance. As such, she understands the needs of both the VBB volunteers and partner organisations.

Anne Lloyd-Jones

General Manager

After completing a Bachelor of Business in Communications, Anne has spent the majority of her working life in the not for profit sector with a strong focus on animal welfare.

Anne has worked for WIRES, WSPA (now World Animal Protection) and held the position of Australian Director for Animals Asia for 16 years. These roles enabled her to see first-hand the immediate and dramatic impact supporting local organisations can have on the health and welfare of animals.

Originally from Sydney, Anne moved to Tasmania’s Huon Valley in 2011 and lives on a property with her dog, cat, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys and a few free ranging chooks.

Our Board of Directors

Ashley Bunce

Ashley Bunce


Ashley Bunce


Throughout his career Ashley has demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving improved animal welfare and conservation outcomes and he has wide-ranging public sector experience leading strategy and policy development and operational service delivery and has led a range of major reform initiatives, including:

  • Introducing a waste levy in Queensland to provide a market signal to reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill while generating $1.8 billion to boost jobs and grow the economy;
  • Strengthening the biosecurity system in Queensland to better mitigate the risks and impacts of animal pests and diseases on the economy, environment, social amenity and human health;
  • Introducing new laws in Queensland to shut down cruel puppy farms so that every puppy born in Queensland can be traced back to the breeder thereby giving unscrupulous breeders who place profits before welfare nowhere to hide;
  • Leading the emergency response to eradicate the world’s most devastating honeybee pest (Varroa mite) and protect a $1 billion industry; and
  • Implementing Australia’s first threatened species prioritisation and investment framework for cost-effective allocation of limited conservation resources to achieve the greatest biodiversity benefits.

Ashley began his career in the university sector where he engaged and inspired the next generation of conservation scientists and led world-class research with expertise in developing innovative solutions for the conservation and management of marine biodiversity both locally and globally.

Ashley holds qualifications in science (Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Doctor of Philosophy) from the University of Melbourne, an Executive Masters in Public Administration from the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (Griffith University) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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