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Ambitious Dog Management Program continues in Vanuatu

Due to lack of veterinary services, Vanuatu’s dog population is excessive and poorly controlled. Dog bite attacks in humans and predation of livestock are common occurrences.

At the invitation of the Government of Vanuatu, and with the support of Biosecurity Vanuatu, Vets Beyond Borders has implemented a dog management program with a strong One Health focus.

Following on from two very successful pilot surgical sterilisation and animal health clinics in 2023, VBB has committed to a further six clinics in 2024, comprising surgical sterilisation and clinical training.  Animal Handling training will also be delivered in 2024, to enable humane capture and treatment of truly feral dogs.

With the assistance of Biosecurity Vanuatu and local charity, Sam’s Animal Welfare Association, two surgical sterilisation and animal health clinics will be held during each visit, enabling us to achieve our objectives in a condensed timeframe, whilst ensuring efficient use of funds provided by our valued sponsors.

The first visit will commence late May and will comprise clinics 1 & 2. Further trips are planned for July and October. Our goal is to desex 600 dogs in various indigenous communities across Vanuatu by the end of 2024.

Ongoing funding from Fondation Brigitte Bardot (FBB) has enabled VBB to purchase vital equipment such as surgical instrumentation, autoclaves, cages, anaesthetic machine, anaesthetic monitors, and surgical lights which will be used for the duration of the Program.

Additional sponsorship from the Petbarn Foundation will cover travel and accommodation costs of our volunteer teams for each clinic.

It is anticipated that the work of VBB and its valued volunteers will continue for several years, with increasing involvement of local veterinary personnel trained by Vets Beyond Borders. The eventual aim being to create a sustained, locally funded, and staffed program.

VBB wishes to thank our sponsors – Foundation Brigitte Bardot and the Petbarn Foundation – our wonderful volunteers and donors, and everyone who has worked so hard to make a world of better health for the animals and people of Vanuatu.

Ambitious Dog Management Program continues in Vanuatu

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