Western Australia

Two Active Programs

Community Action Days

Community Action Days


Community Action Days: Free events acting to promote responsible pet ownership and support underprivileged pet owners with veterinary interventions. Our teams provide free health checks for dogs and puppies, free dog microchipping (*not available for litters or breeders), free flea/worming/tick treatments for dogs and cats, free chain exchange (swapping choker collars for a humane flat collar), free pet food for families in financial need, free nail-clipping for dogs, and educational information about pet care and responsible pet ownership.


  • Designated on-site coordinator
  • Complimentary VBB t-shirt
  • All consumables and facilities required to undertake the work
  • Insurances: professional indemnity (by VBB), volunteer workers cover (by RSPCA-WA), public liability (by VBB & RSPCA-WA)

Wildlife training and volunteering for veterinary professionals

With WA Wildlife

Please note only vets and vet nurses registered with the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board of Western Australia should apply.

Wildlife training and volunteering: You will be provided training on-site by the expert wildlife veterinary teams, and it is recommended to deploy for ongoing shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis (not mandatory). You will be trained to upskill your veterinary skillset in the following wildlife specific areas: triage/first aid, medication administration, physical exams, surgery, x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, basic lab work.

Animals that you may work with include birds of all species (including bush birds, seabirds, waterbirds, and raptors), non-venomous reptiles, freshwater chelonians, amphibians, macropods, and small marsupials. You may also work with the resident animals, which include a wide variety of birds/nonvenomous reptiles and large animals including Dingoes, Emus and Wombats.

There will be no contact with venomous snakes or bats on this program.


  • Hands-on clinical training
  • Dedicated onsite veterinary supervisor
  • Personal accident insurance and public liability insurance from WA Wildlife; public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance from VBB.
  • VBB scrub shirt
Wildlife training and volunteering for veterinary professionals

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