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Seeking WA-based volunteer veterinarians and vet nurses

Seeking WA-based volunteer veterinarians and vet nurses

Assist the veterinary teams in the wildlife veterinary hospital

Who: WA-registered veterinarians and vet nurses. Wildlife experience preferred but not mandatory.

When: Flexible dates. 8.30am-2.30pm or 2.30pm to 8.30pm.

What: Assist the WA Wildlife veterinary team – up to 60 patients per day.

You will be provided training on-site by the expert wildlife veterinary teams, and it is recommended to deploy for ongoing shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis (not mandatory).
You will be trained to upskill your veterinary skillset in the following wildlife specific areas: triage/first aid, medication administration, physical exams, surgery, x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, basic lab work.

Animals that you may work with include birds of all species (including bush birds, seabirds, waterbirds, and raptors), non-venomous reptiles, freshwater chelonians, amphibians, macropods, and small marsupials. You may also work with the resident animals, which include a wide variety of birds/nonvenomous reptiles and large animals including Dingoes, Emus and Wombats.

There will be no contact with venomous snakes or bats on this program.


  • Hands-on clinical training
  • Dedicated onsite veterinary supervisor
  • Personal accident insurance and public liability insurance from WA Wildlife; public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance from VBB.
  • VBB scrub shirt

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