Te Are Manu

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed!

Seeking NZ-based vets and vet nurses

Te Are Manu is looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated veterinarians and vet nurse volunteers!

  • Te Are Manu is a charity vet clinic located on the tropical island paradise that is Rarotonga, Cook Islands!
  • The work is primarily dogs and cats however they do occasionally see pet goats or birds, and may be required to assist the Ministry of Agriculture with livestock cases
  • The clinic is very well-equipped with gas anaesthesia (isoflurane and oxygen generators), dedicated surgery room (with air-conditioning!), X-ray machine (digital), dental equipment, on-site kennels for hospital in-patients, IV fluid pumps, and a well-stocked pharmacy
  • You will work closely with the Clinic Managers during your time to ensure the highest standard of veterinary care possible is provided to the animals of the Cook Island
  • There may also be opportunities for you to visit outer islands to perform desexing programs and provide basic health care to the wider community of Cook Islands animals
NB: Given the current Covid-19 situation, any Australian applicants will need to be in NZ for 14 days (non-quarantine) prior to travelling to the program.


We are also looking for vets and vet nurses for volunteer deployments for 6-8 weeks.

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