Dog and donkey clinics

Dog and donkey clinics

Arusha and remote Maasai communities

Meru Animal Welfare Organisation (MAWO) works to protect animals from cruelty by promoting, improving, and developing matters concerning the welfare and understanding of animals in Tanzania.

Dog and donkey clinics: MAWO brings mobile donkey and dog clinics to villages throughout Northern Tanzania. At each dog clinic, we offer free rabies vaccinations and primary veterinary care. At the donkey clinics, we provide primary veterinary care, and consultation on proper harnessing equipment, and hoof care.

Livestock College training: We work with livestock training colleges to provide training, field work, and internship opportunities to future veterinarians. Training involves theoretical discussions in class as well
as practical applications in villages and rural areas.

Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) training: By educating community leaders on the importance of animal medicine and welfare and providing specialized animal training for health workers, lives of humans and animals alike can be vastly improved. At each workshop, MAWO shares knowledge of local animal diseases and medicine with the local vets. These services increase the number of animal welfare ambassadors in our community by improving their skills & experience.

Community Training: MAWO educates community leaders on the importance of animal medicine and welfare. To protect donkeys from the painful cuts caused by ropes holding the materials to them, we teach how to make safety harnesses made from inexpensive and easily available materials. We also train donkey owners on humane handling and training of their donkeys. Dog owners are educated on training, handling, and treatment of their animals.

Education & School Club: A priority of MAWO is to educate community members of all ages on animal  welfare. We have established animal welfare clubs in schools throughout Northern Tanzania, training children on animal welfare to help prepare the next generation for a better and kinder understanding of animals. MAWO also created an Educational Guide to better serve and teach school children through learning activities and story-telling lessons.

MAWO accept veterinary and vet nurse volunteers all year round!

In addition to the projects described above, there may be additional activities or trips possible during your stay. An average working schedule includes:

Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm. Sundays are free to relax.

As MAWO is a dynamic organisation with many activities, working with both animals and people, schedules can change last-minute. We ask you to be flexible with potential changes in the above schedule.

What is provided for volunteers

  • Airport pick up / drop off
  • Transfers to/from places of project work
  • Local orientation and hospitality
  • VBB scrub shirt
  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance



MAWO accept veterinary and vet nurse volunteers all year round!

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