Introducing VetMatch-AUSTRALIA!

Vets Beyond Borders is excited to announce the launch of VETMATCH Australia

A program that matches fantastic veterinary professionals with the Aussie animals and communities who need them.


Are you happiest when you are elbow deep in a dog’s abdomen? Do you have a day or two to spare in your downtime? We are looking for veterinarians who are confident with routine surgery to pop on some scrubs and pitch in to the community desexing clinic in western Sydney. We provide these vital services to pet owners who otherwise can’t afford to have their pets vaccinated and desexed.

We’re also on the lookout for Australian Vet Nurses and Vet Students looking to further develop skills in shelter medicine and surgery. Volunteer for as little as a couple of days per month, right here in our beautiful country.


Vaccination and desexing are instrumental in controlling the stray animal population and limiting spread infectious diseases such as parvovirus (dogs) and panleukopaenia virus (cats). Unplanned pet pregnancies and pets who become sick with preventable diseases place further financial pressure on owners who are already struggling.


If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, we’re also on-board Australia’s largest mobile vet truck, heading around NSW providing veterinary support to communities affected by drought, flood, bushfires and COVID.


Know any great vets or vet nurses who might want to be involved? Let them know about this opportunity by sharing the news!


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