VetMatch Partner Organisation Application Form

Application to register as a VetMatch Partner Organisation

Under VetMatch, VBB deploys its skilled volunteers to assist with clinical and other important aspects of the work of VetMatch Partner Organisations.

Please note that application for registration as VetMatch Partner Organisations can only be made by an VBB Affiliates. If your organisation is not yet affiliated with VBB please navigate to the Affiliate Organisation application, or contact us
Application is FREE for not-for-profit organisations. A lack of resources does not mean that your organisation is ineligible for registration.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting your registration application, please read the Terms & Conditions of Partner Organisation registration, so you are aware of your obligations and commitments in relation to information provided to VBB during the registration process.

It is essential that information provided by prospective VMPOs is as accurate as possible. This information will give us an understanding of your organisation and help us determine how VBB can best assist you.

If you have any questions about the Partner Organisation registration process, please contact us at

Best wishes, Team VBB