Tranquilliser Licensing & AIIMS Training Form

VBB is sponsoring a select number of veterinarians to obtain their tranquilliser licence, providing financial support for:

  • enrolment in the required state specific firearms safety course;
  • tranquilliser firearms licence application fees; and
  • a chemical immobilisation manual.

Acquiring a tranquilliser licence is a great opportunity for any veterinarian to contribute to wildlife welfare and conservation, gain new skills, and be better prepared to capture and treat wildlife in natural disaster and extreme weather events.

Applications are open to veterinarians from all Australian states and territories, excluding WA. We are prioritising applications from SA, QLD and TAS. Please note, this does not include provision of the tranquilliser firearm unit.

VBB is also sponsoring a select number of veterinarians and vet nurses to undertake AIIMS Awareness training:

AIIMS Awareness Training 22463VIC – Nationally accredited Course in Awareness of the Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS).

This a highly valued course enhancing veterinarians and vet nurses contributions in an emergency response activation. You will gain awareness of emergency management procedures and understand how you fit in to the frameworks of a coordinated response, managed by state government authorities.

Closing date: 10 SEPT 2022, places are limited.

This initiative is part of VBB’s Wildlife Care Everywhere, proudly supported by WWF’s Regenerate Australia program. Learn more about the initiative here.