AVERT volunteers at Taronga’s training: Spotlight on Dr Juliane Dreher

With the support of our sponsors and donors, VBB is upskilling 25 AVERT volunteers. Our volunteers are undertaking a 3-month course created and run by the Taronga Conservation Society.

The course will provide veterinary professionals with advanced training in the capture, management, handling, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured wildlife.

The training will provide VBB with a pool of veterinarians and vet nurses who are well equipped to respond to wildlife emergencies.


Dr Juliane Dreher, is a veterinarian and one of the 25 #AVERT volunteers granted a full subsidy to undertake Taronga’s training.

Juliane entered vet school with a vet nursing background and has demonstrated a strong interest in wildlife throughout her career. During vet school, Juliane assisted in the exotics and wildlife department of the teaching hospital, gaining experience in wild animal treatment and care

“It was fascinating and rewarding work, particularly because it felt that the time and care we invested into our patients was crucial to giving them the best chances of being released into the wild again”.

Juliane also completed a stint with Australia Zoo in QLD, Australia before travelling to the UK to practice as veterinarian and obtain postgraduate qualifications in exotic animal medicine.

The experience will translate to allow Juliane to upskill her colleagues to promote a greater network of veterinary professionals providing ethical and competent care to wildlife in daily veterinary practice.

“It would also be a great opportunity to share what I have learnt with like-minded people who are equally motivated to make a difference but have not been had the opportunity to be able to participate in this course” Juliane says.

We wish Juliane the best through the course and stay tuned for more Volunteer Spotlights.

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