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Receiving support from Vets Beyond Borders

Receiving support from Vets Beyond Borders

Animal welfare, One Health, or Government Organisations are welcome to apply to receive VBB’s support – see below for information on each tier.
There is a 2 stage application process:
  1. Affiliate Organisation – Organisations must first apply and be approved as an Affiliate Organisation with VBB.
  2. Partner Organisation – selected Affiliate Organisations may be invited to apply for Partner status.
VBB does not accept applications from for-profit Organisations.
VBB is pausing to optimise operations so we can continue to deliver sustainable impact in light of significant growth and demand of our services. At this time we will not be accepting any new Affiliate or Partner Organisations.

Joining the Vets Beyond Borders community

Affiliate Organisation (AO) benefits:
  • Access to VBB forum – connecting your organisation to our Clinical Advisory Team. A panel of veterinary experts who are on standby ready to respond to your clinical enquiries to help support the welfare of animals in your care.
  • Access to VBB library – an ever-expanding centralised hub of resources in animal welfare standards, OneHealth principles, anti-rabies vaccination programs, surgical techniques for animal birth control programs, and more!
Partner Organisation (PO) benefits:
  • Access to VBB volunteer veterinarians and paravets
  • Eligibility to use VBB logo/marketing materials
Joining the Vets Beyond Borders community
We deploy experienced veterinary volunteers to animal welfare organisations in need

We deploy experienced veterinary volunteers to animal welfare organisations in need

The VetMatch Program was launched by Vets Beyond Borders in 2015, providing experienced volunteer veterinarians, and veterinary nurses to animal welfare projects in desperate need of help to perform their wonderful, but all too often challenging, work.

Prospective VetMatch volunteers complete a confidential registration process which allow us to ascertain their suitability and strengths and to suggest which locations and Programs they may most effectively assist.

Our list of Partner Organisations, all of which have undergone rigorous, confidential appraisal in terms of facilities, clinical protocols, ability to host volunteers and volunteer safety, is constantly increasing, providing volunteering options worldwide.

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